If you read my Facebook author page (https://www.facebook.com/AuthorTomWilliams) you will already know that this is quite a busy time. I’m popping up on blogs all over the place, mainly because I’ve just republished Burke and the Bedouin. And this week the Historical Writers’ Association working with Sharpe Books, have published a short story collection, Victoriana, that has a story by me in it.

Honestly, there’s so much I’d like to talk to you all about but there’s one thing that’s important enough that I should just concentrate on this. As of today, Burke in the Land of Silver is available for just 99p ($.99 in America). It’s a special deal to encourage you to read the first in the series as I republish the original three books about James Burke and add two more new ones. The offer only runs one week and Amazon won’t allow me to repeat it for a little while, even if I wanted to. So buy yourself a copy now while it represents even more spectacular value than usual.

That’s it. Stop reading this and buy the book. Mybook.to/LandofSilver

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