I’m still playing with the idea of shorter blog posts which don’t involve researching anything so that I can share historical stuff with you. So this week, here’s a bit about how I’ve been using some of the time I haven’t been writing my blog.

I’ve spent an afternoon volunteering at Marble Hill House, which is a lovely Georgian villa near where I live. I’ve written about it HERE. It’s open Wednesdays to Sundays and free to visit, so why not call in?

On Sunday I went to a tango concert by El Chamuyo Tango Quartet and did a bit of dancing.

There’s been some other dancing, inevitably, and dance class, which seems to leave us exhausted. Old age, I guess.

Our son is working in London, so he’s been back living at home after around 15 years. Contrary to what people say about millenials, he’s working incredibly hard so he’s off out before we wake up. In the evening, he has many cooler people to spend time with than his parents, so we hardly see him. We have been doing a fair bit of dog-sitting though.

I’ve also been progressing, painfully slowly, with a rough draft of the next Burke novel, set in the War of 1812.

That’s life here. I hope you are having fun with whatever you are doing.

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