‘Back Home’: now available in paperback and on Kindle

As I bring all my books back under my own imprint, Big Red, it’s now time to republish Back Home with its beautiful new cover by Dave Slaney.

Back Home is the last of the three books in which John Williamson tells of his adventures since he left his home in Devon. Now, after his time in Borneo and the horrors of the Indian Mutiny, he has returned to England.

Back Home is an adventure story with criminals and plots and fights and, yes, John Williamson again tries to find love, but there is politics in it too. It’s probably the only story you’ll read that includes detailed instructions for forging sovereigns and a discussion of Marx’s Critique of Political Economy. (Don’t worry: it’s a very short discussion.)

If you’ve read the previous books about John Williamson, I hope you will find this a fitting end to his adventures. If you haven’t, I hope you’ll enjoy a story that stands alone, even if you don’t know the character and his past. Let me know what you think of it. As life moves back to normal I hope I may be able to get out and talk about it if any of you want to ask me.

Back Home is available on Kindle and in paperback.


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