‘Eat the Poor’ is here!

Eat the Poor is my latest foray into Urban Fantasy.

Galbraith and Pole (from Something Wicked) are back as the mysterious Section S is on the trail of a werewolf in London. But when the werewolf turns out to be a rising star in Parliament things get very tricky.

At a time when the news of Downing Street parties and dubious financial dealings is as outrageous as anything in fiction, the notion of a parliamentary werewolf seems a lot less unbelievable as it was when I started writing. Inevitably there is a smidgen of satire in Eat the Poor, but it is not a book that takes itself too seriously. Enjoy the gun and games of the only police procedural series that features a vampire policeman caught up in incredible adventures against the background of a wholly credible London.

You can buy Eat the Poor in paperback or on Kindle. Here’s the link: mybook.to/EatThePoor.


Paperback Pricing

Inflation isn’t making printing any cheaper and I’ve noticed that I am making much more money on my e-books than on paprerbacks.

All my books are available in paperback and I think almost any writer will tell you that they love thinking of people getting a physical copy of their work. However, it doesn’t make sense for me to be effectively subsidising paperback sales from the sales of Kindle ebooks. Well, maybe just a little but nothing like as much as I am doing. So I am afraid that the cost of my paperbacks will be increasing. In fact, by the time you read this, they may have already increased. I’m sorry about that. If you are quick you may still beat the rise and if you ever meet me personally (or invite me to your book group or conference) I can provide discounted copies. But even if you don’t, the price you pay (as with almost all books) is tiny when you remember the work that writers put into them. Think of it in terms of what you spend on coffee (or equivalent if you are a stranger to coffee shops). Or just put it down as your personal subsidy to the arts.

Thank you.

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This year I’m also publishing a regular blog on Thursdays. My wife keeps a proper journal. (She’s a Jane Austen fan and she thinks every woman should write a journal.) Looking back over the year, as she likes to do every December, she realised that she has a record of an astonishing period of English history. I say English because one of the remarkable things about it is the way that, under the pressure of covid, the Union seems to have been disintegrating before our eyes. Many of us have lost all sense of time over the last two years and it is difficult to believe (especially now we know about the parties in Downing Street) just how harsh the lockdown rules were and how long they went on for. Tammy’s journal is an interesting reminder – a bit of social history recorded as it happened. It’s got a growing readership as the events of two years ago are back in the news. Some people seem also to be getting a taste for her rather laconic writing style and wicked sense of humour.

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