It’s all about Napoleon!

That film is finally here. I’ve reviewed it on my blog.

You’ve probably heard by now that it’s not a film that is overly concerned with historical accuracy but, with luck, it will generate more interest in stories about the Corsican Corporal.

To celebrate the film (and to put the record straight about the Battle of the Pyramids) I’m selling Burke and the Bedouin for just 99p until 26 November. Massively cheaper than a trip to the cinema and substantially more historically accurate.


Goodbye to the newsletter

I’ve decided that I am never going to be the sort of author who builds up a huge mailing list of people who need to know exactly when my next book is coming out. Not that many people asked for it and it never generated much response, so I’m afraid it has gone to the bid newsletter recycling bin in the sky. Instead, I’m going to concentrate on my blog on this website (it comes out on Fridays) and I’ll try to update this page with news that might otherwise have gone into a newsletter.

Writers often use newsletters to chat about their daily lives. I’m not sure how interesting this is to readers but, if my day-to-day doings are the sort of thing that you might ever want to read about, I do post quite a lot on X/Twitter (as TomCW99) and, as Twitter seems likely to fall apart soon, also on Blue Sky under the same name. Why not follow me there?


An experiment in new technology

I spend a lot of my time with my head in the 19th century, so it’s hardly surprising that I struggle with 21st century technology. But I’m playing with the idea of installing a buy button that will let you purchase paperback copies of Burke in the Land of Silver directly online. I’ll be charging £7.99 instead of the £9.50 it is on Amazon. (UK only, I’m afraid.)

Here’s the button. Let’s see what happens when you press it. If you have any problems please let me know. (Email to If it works, I will make all my titles available online. So far, no-one has been interested and, until I know it works, I’m not extending or publicising the idea. But if you would like to try to buy any of my paperbacks directly from me at a discounted price, write to and I’ll try to sort it out for you. If it works, I’ll set up something properly.

Burke in the Land of Silver (paperback)




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