August 1 was the anniversary of the Battle of the Nile in 1798. I blogged about this two years ago so rather than blog about it again, I’m linking to the old post. It’s here: The Battle of the Nile

I’ve being blogging here for almost five years and on an earlier ‘Blogger’ site for seven years before that and that’s an awful lot of old posts that, although there is a ‘Search’ function on the site, don’t get looked at that often, so I’m going to recycle more than I have in the past.

Partly this is because I think some of those posts are rather good and I’d like them to get a bigger audience but some of it is simply to spend less time blogging.

Every year I probably write more than 50,000 words on my blog on that’s a considerable chunk of a book. In fact it’s longer than some of my Urban Fantasies. The sad fact is that if I spent less time blogging, I would spend more time writing. I’m working on the next James Burke book now and there are some other projects I would like to spend time on and something has to give and that’s something is going to be fresh blogs every week. I’ve threatened to do this before: in fact I wrote a blog post saying this in October 2020. This time, though, I need to at least make a more serious effort. Those books I’m planning won’t write themselves.

That said, if people have particular things they would like to read about, do let me know and I’ll try to oblige.

There will still be a post (almost) every Friday (I’m allowed the odd holiday): it’s just that more of them will be recycled.

Now back to James Burke and men’s fashions in Portugal in 1810.

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