I published my second Urban Fantasy book just over a year ago. It was called Something Wicked. It introduced Chief Inspector Pole, who worked for Section S, a secretive police department hidden away in Counter Terrorism.

Pole is a vampire and he investigates crimes that involve a supernatural element. When a peer of the realm is found drained of blood in his own apartment, Pole is the obvious man (or reasonable approximation) to look into it. Unfortunately for him, old-school detective Chief Inspector Galbraith is already on the case and reluctant to hand over responsibility.

The two police officers investigate the crime together and Galbraith has to reassess his ideas about vampires, while Pole comes to the conclusion that humans may make better colleagues than he had expected.

The whole book was really just an excuse for me to write about a world where vampires live among us and dance tango. I got the idea in Buenos Aires with its frantic night-life populated by people that you simply never see by daylight. The elaborate graveyards filled with ‘streets’ of mausolea meant the idea that the tango sub-culture was mainly made up of vampires was an easy step to take.

Buenos Aires cemetery

I love tango, so it seemed natural to me that if you had eternity to perfect a skill, tango would be the obvious thing to go for.

Something Wicked isn’t a book that takes itself too seriously. I had enormous fun writing it. Slightly to my surprise, it seems that a lot of people had fun reading it (it’s had some lovely reviews) and there were suggestions that I should write another book featuring Galbraith and Pole. So I have.

Eat the Poor features a werewolf and Members of Parliament. After all, if vampires would naturally be attracted to tango, what could be a more obvious line of business for a werewolf than politics? It will be published in May.

All my books are written to stand alone, but there’s no doubt that Eat the Poor is more fun if you have already met Chief Inspector Pole and Section S. So next week (from Thursday) I’ll be selling Something Wicked at just 99p for a week. I do hope you enjoy it and will be tempted to buy Eat the Poor once it is released.

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