I hope you are all enjoying your Christmas. We had a guest for dinner on Christmas Eve because he comes from a country where Christmas Eve is a bigger thing than for most people in England, so that got the festival off to a good start. Christmas Day was just two of us, but it was a very happy bit interval of peace in a frantic few days, so that was nice. I have been given Jacqueline Reiter’s biography of Lord Chatham to read, so that’s the start of 2020 taken care of. (And chocolate.)

Boxing Day was the by-now-traditional Boxing Day milonga on the South Bank and that was, as ever, a wonderful afternoon of dancing tango with so many friends. Tammy and I felt blessed.

Today and tomorrow my son and his wife will be here with their dog, so that will be a frantic couple of days. I see long walks in the park and far too much eating.

I hope that you are all having a wonderful time (maybe even reading Dark Magic?). It’s not really the time of year for reading (or writing) blog posts, so I’ll leave you to enjoy the holidays. Keep warm, have fun, and, in an increasingly fractious time, count your blessings (and your Christmas presents).

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