Season’s Greetings!

Next Friday (when my blog post would usually come out) will be Christmas Eve. What do you mean, you knew that already? It snuck up on me so fast I can hardly believe it. That’s the trouble with retailers starting the run-up to Christmas in October – I just blank it because It’s obviously not going to happen for ages and then I suddenly realise that it’s here.

Anyway, I think you will have better things to do next week than read my blog – at least I hope so (unless Boris Johnson has another cruel trick up his sleeve and we’re all stuck at home desperately looking something to occupy ourselves). So today’s blog is just to wish you all the very best of Christmases. I think we all deserve that after last year.

My Christmas picture is from the Astors’ private chapel at Cliveden, one of the places we were able to go to as the country finally started to open up again. We’d never been there before but the grounds are amazing and I do recommend a visit.

Anyway, that’s it from my blog for 2021. I’ve published something every week (sometimes twice a week) right through the year and now I’m taking my annual break. Stay safe, stay well, and I’ll see you next year (when there will be another James Burke book to entertain you).

Have a wonderful Christmas (or midwinter Festival of your choice).