Last week I promised that now that we can again travel into Wales I’d give you a break from both The White Rajah and lockdown ennui and give you some photos of the countryside.

It turned out to be a good weekend to get away, didn’t it? The middle of Wales tends to be quiet, even on a Bank Holiday. And the weather was amazing.

There’s no particularly brilliant photos, I’m afraid, partly because heat haze was an issue (though fortunately editing software can take a lot of that out).

I was also mainly using a camera phone rather than an SLR. My SLR is old and heavy. I know it sounds a bit wussy complaining of the weight of a camera, but a lump of metal really can get quite irritating when this is your walk.

I’m also finding that most of the nicest photos have been taken before. This is from the last time we made that steep climb (from about half way up). It seems a bit silly to take it again.

I did take yet more photos of bluebells, though. The bluebells in the hills in Wales are at their best in May and I love taking pictures of them.

I hope you found ways to enjoy yourself over the weekend and that life will return to something more like normal in the weeks ahead.

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