If you’ve been following me on Twitter or reading any of my stuff on Facebook, you’ve probably noticed that Something Wicked is on offer at 99p/99c. The offer started yesterday and runs for a week, so you have until Wednesday night to grab a copy.

It’s only 99p, so hardly worth spending time on your purchase decision. It makes sense to just buy it. But I know that people (and I definitely include myself) just don’t think like that. Wiser heads than mine say that nowadays you have to pay for advertising to persuade people to take up an offer of a book that is free. Which is fair enough, I guess. We’re all busy and a stack (albeit a virtual stack) of books in your Kindle can mean we’re likely to die before we read them all. And we can do without that sort of reminder that we are not immortal.

(Of course, if you were a vampire, you would be nearly immortal, so you could just read Something Wicked for the vampires and then you can fantasise about reading all the books you know you’re never going to get round to. Just saying.)

So why should you read it?

First up: it’s quite short. If you want to read ten thousand books before you die, Something Wicked will move you almost effortlessly one closer to your goal.

Next, it’s quite funny. (I’m going on the reviews here. No writer is a reliable judge of their own humour.) It takes a slightly sideways look at vampires. They still have the whole avoiding daylight, drinking blood thing going for them, but they quite like garlic and their main concern is just to be left to live quietly, sipping the odd drop of blood (they don’t really need that much) from people who get quite turned on by that. They do enjoy tango though.

This brings us to the third reason you should buy it. It’s got tango in it. They say you should write what you know, so a story about tango-dancing vampires was an obvious choice for me. And, given that I know lots of tango dancers who I have never seen by daylight, it’s quite likely that there’s a fair few vampires hanging around in our community. Anyway, you can have fun exploring London’s tango scene in between visits to the Victorian Gothic of Brompton Cemetery. (That’s worth a visit too.)

Did I mention that it’s a police procedural? If you were a solid old-school copper, how would you cope with teaming up with a vampire who has been investigating murders (and maybe committing the odd killing too) for hundreds of years? Meet Chief Inspector Galbraith and find out how he gets on with the mysterious Chief Inspector Pole.

And that, if you needed any more reasons to buy it, is the best reason of all. Galbraith and Pole were popular enough for people to sat they would like another story about them and the second Galbraith & Pole book, Eat the Poor, will be published later this month. You could read it without reading Something Wicked first, but you’ll probably enjoy them more if you read them in order. And did I mention that Something Wicked is currently just 99p?


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