Burke and the Pimpernel Affair was finished at the end of last summer, but I was re-publishing the John Williamson Papers and I wanted these to have a clear run without trying to promote a new Burke book at the same time. After that we were coming into the pre-Christmas rush with hundreds of books being promoted and it seemed a silly time to be launching a new title. So here we are in January and it’s been 10 months since the last Burke book (Burke in Ireland) and I can’t wait any longer. Burke and the Pimpernel Affair is being published next Friday (14th). And here’s the cover:

We’ve tried to keep the theme of the other Burke covers, but this one is particularly striking. It reflects the thrills and spills of Burke’s most outrageous adventure to date as he infiltrates the French capital in a spy story that shows that he really is a Napoleonic-era James Bond.

More details next week, but it’s already available to pre-order at mybook.to/Pimpernel.

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