Dark Magic: the audiobook

Dark Magic is now available as an audiobook. I recorded it myself, just to see if I could tap in to this huge market for audio books that people keep telling me about. I was nervous but a voice artist friend provided reassurance and helped me with the technical side of things. So far, the response has been positive. 

Doing it myself means I have been able to keep the price down to about £5. (Most vendors price it in dollars.)

What do you get for your money?

It’s the full text of Dark Magic, my contemporary novella. It was my first attempt at what I think they call ‘urban fantasy’. It’s a story of two magic shows: the Maestros of Magic touring the country, playing provincial theatres and the Carnival of Conjurors  in the West End. When the Maestros learn that the Conjurors are using real magic – Black Magic – to do their tricks they decide that they must use their own, distinctly unmagical, stage skills to stop them. I was delighted that people found it both humorous and scary. (Check the reviews on Amazon.) 

You can buy it at: 


BingeBooks: https://bingebooks.com/book/dark-magic-4



It should be available from Amazon soon.

Three hours of humour and horror all read by me. Enjoy!