After last week’s super-long essay on 18th-century garden design and its place in modern England, I thought that this week I’d just write a short piece on how much I would appreciate it if you bought my books – especially if you live in America.

The statistics for this blog suggest that I have rather more readers in America than I do in the UK. Perhaps it’s just that I’m picking up a lot of US robots or perhaps Americans are just more assiduous blog readers, but I know – because some of you lovely people talk to me – that there are at least some of you across the pond who try to buy my books.

I am now published by Endeavour in the UK. My previous publisher, Accent, sold my US rights, and in America I am distributed by Simon & Schuster. All my books are listed on their website at I know there has been some confusion because the covers and my books over there are different from the covers of my books over here (as shown on this website). The covers Americans see are the original Accent covers. They’re very pretty, but Endeavour thought they didn’t work so well online.



They’re exactly the same books (except for The White Rajah, which did have some changes in the edition published by Endeavour). All are available on Kindle and some are also available in paperback. (In the UK all are available on Kindle with Burke in the Land of Silver, The White Rajah and Back Home available in paperback. The other titles should be available in paperback soon.)

Although these books form ‘series’ in that the ones about James Burke all feature James Burke and the other three follow John Williamson’s adventures through his life, they are all stand-alone books. You can read any of them without reading the others and none have ‘cliff-hanger’ endings.

If you have bought any of my books stateside, first of all – Thank You!! could you post a comment if you have had any difficulty getting hold of copies in America. If you could post review on Amazon that, of course, would be lovely but I know that a lot of people struggle with it.

If you aren’t American and have been one of those wonderful people who have contributed to the recent sales success of some my titles (particularly The White Rajah but one or two of the others as well) then consider yourself a wonderful person. And, away from all the politics of Georgian garden design, just relax and enjoy the grounds of Syon House in West London.

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