It’s a Friday and I generally post on my blog on a Friday, but Christmas has disrupted the normal flow of things and I posted on Tuesday. Go and have a look at that. It’s got photos of fireworks and pretty pictures of snow.

I have also blogged as a guest on three other blogs this week. I do recommend them. I’m on Sandra W’s blog outlining my plans for 2018 and then I pop up with Jennifer Macaire to talk about researching Burke in the Land of SilverFinally (for now) Jenny Kane had me over to her place to talk a little about the real James Burke. That surely excuses me from writing much here today, doesn’t it?

This flurry of activity is all because Endeavour Press are now republishing all of the Burke books, starting with Burke in the Land of Silver. Hopefully, some of the thousands of people who read this blog will shell out the fairly insubstantial £2.99 that is all that is being asked for the Kindle edition, now available on Amazon. (North American readers will continue to be able to buy their copies through Simon & Schuster.) If £2.99 seems more than you are happy to spend (really?), then the second book in the series is currently available to pre-order at a ludicrously cheap 99p.

I haven’t just been writing blogs. Today’s authors have to be multi-talented creatures, and I have been turning my mind to designing a website. It’s not totally finished yet, but I suspect it never will be, so I am turning it loose on the public. Please go and visit it at and let me know what you think. (If you can see this sentence, you’ve already switched to the new site. Thank you.) You can even contact me directly through the site or by e-mail at

For now, this blog will appear both here and on the new website (at Eventually I’m hoping you will all move to reading it on the website and new posts will no longer appear here, but old posts will be here as a sort of archived resource for anybody who is interested in reading what I’ve written about the Indian Mutiny or the Battle of Waterloo or, indeed, making new friends in a dance hall.

So, even without my usual Friday blog post here, there is plenty for you to read and enjoy.

Happy New Year.

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