We’re just a week off the big day – or as big a day as people are going to allow themselves at the end of a quite extraordinary year.

I don’t want to dwell on a miserable past few months and an uncertain future. If I’m going to write a downbeat blog post, it’s going to be after Christmas. For now we’re just concentrating on a few days with our family trying to put Covid behind us. We’ve been careful, as I hope you all are, but I think, perhaps, the time has come to remember that human relationships and the ties that bind us are, in the end, vital to our health as individuals and as a society.

Anyway, whatever you’re doing for Christmas I hope you have a good one.

I promised a couple of months ago that I was going to cut back on blogging. For the next couple of weeks there will be no blog posts. I hope you are all far too busy with other things to miss them. If you really want to read stuff that I’ve written over the Christmas break, it’s not too late to buy one of my books! Or you could sign up for my newsletter (check the bottom of the page). As I blog less, I’m trying to send out newsletters more regularly.

So the last thing to do this year is to send you all Christmas greetings and a photo from happier times when we could spend our Christmases in Wales. Here’s hoping we’ll be able to visit there again soon.

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