I’m not doing a regular blog posts this week. It’s been Christmas and we spent it with our son and our new daughter-in-law and then – inevitably, knowing us – yesterday was mainly spent dancing. You’ve presumably all had your own things to do over Christmas and I hope you had as good a time as we did.

This is the year that I finally learned to love Twitter. I deliberately avoid some of the strategies designed to pick up more and more followers, so I have just over a thousand, which seems plenty to me although it’s always nice to see the number grow, I guess.

Every week I try to acknowledge people who have re-tweeted my comments or being particularly supportive, and over the year I have noticed that some names come up regularly. I’m nervous about singling out particular individuals because I’m sure I will miss somebody and maybe cause offence, but at this time of year it seems worth acknowledging people who have given much-appreciated support over the past twelve months. So thank you to (in no particular order):

Lydia Schoch (@TorontoLydia)

Candy Korman (@CandyKorman)

Terry Tyler and Julia Proofreader (sisters – you can find Terry at @TerryTyler4)

Mary Anne Yarde (@maryanneyarde)

Shannon Selin (@shannonselin), whose blog posts on Napoleonic history are a joy

Deborah Swift (@swiftstory)

Antoine Vanner (@antoinevanner) who writes a brilliant blog mainly on matters nautical in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, but with lots of other history too

Dr. Alexandria Szeman (@Alexandria_SZ)

Lynn (@lynngerridog)

Carol Gonneville @CarolGonneville

Lally Brown @LallyABrown

Jennifer Macaire (@jennifermacaire)

Cayt Lawson (@CaytLawson)

Kirsten McKenzie‏ @Kiwimrsmac

Jemahl Evans (@Temulkar)

Karen King (@karen_king)

And there are even a few of you I’ve met IRL (In Real Life) though I certainly don’t intend to make a habit of it. A seasonal wave to:

Jacqueline Reiter (@latelordchatham)

Lynn Bryant‏ (@LynnBry29527024) author of the Peninsular War Saga and occasional giver of free books cunningly promoted when I’ve just bought them or when I’m away from Twitter (and excellent free short stories you can still get hold of — http://www.lynnbryant.co.uk/free-first-chapter/the-christmas-after/)

Serena Jones‏ (@Serena1642)

Lucy Jane Santos (@lucyjanesantos_)

Rob Griffith (@Rob_Griffith_)

Thank you to you all. And for you, and anyone else who has felt the urge to share or chat on Twitter, I wish you all

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