It’s November and the Christmas selling season has officially begun. I’m sorry: I don’t make the rules.

At around this time of year I always try to persuade people that they should consider my books as Christmas presents. Amazon lets you gift Kindle copies now, which makes e-books an easy and inexpensive gift. There’s still something special about getting an actual paper book as a Christmas present, though.

Paperbacks aren’t that expensive but postage costs are getting silly and I can see that this puts some people off. Here’s a suggestion for a paperback gift that costs less than some Christmas cards.

Tales of Empire is still available in paperback for just £2.99. It is, admittedly, a slim volume with just four short stories by different historical writers. It features offerings from Penny Hampson, who writes Regency fiction; Antoine Vanner, who writes 19th century naval fiction; Jacqueline Reiter, who does terrifyingly well-informed biographical fact and, here, fiction; and, of course, me, with an offering based on the world of The White Rajah, my mid-19th century biographical fiction. If you are on Amazon Prime, you can have copies of Tales of Empire mailed to your friends with no postage to add to the £2.99. With first class post now costing £1.25, this seems a bargain.

‘But how do I know it’s any good?’ I hear you ask.

Why don’t you pick up a Kindle version FREE before you commit to sending it to your friends? Yes, the Kindle edition of Tales of Empire will be free from tomorrow (Saturday 11 November) to 15 November. Get the e-book free and then buy the paperback for your friends for just £2.99.

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