We’re well into November now, so it’s probably time to start mentioning that books make excellent Christmas presents.

I know that e-books are difficult to gift, especially in the UK where Amazon don’t offer a gift option. But all my books are available in paperback as well as e-books. Amazon can sometimes hide the paperbacks, but you can find them if you add ‘paperback’ after the title.

My paperbacks are print-on-demand, which I’ve always associated with high prices and delivery delays, but the most expensive are only £5.99 and when a friend ordered books of mine on Amazon Prime they arrived the next day. ‘Back Home’ is just £4.99 in paperback (£2.99 on Kindle): that’s a good read for less than the price of a pint.

Paperback books make excellent Christmas presents and paperback books from less well known authors suggest you’ve given your gift more thought than just a quick check on the Best Sellers shelf.

Endeavour publish six of my books, three about Napoleonic spy James Burke and three about the adventures of John Williamson as he travels to Borneo and India before returning to his final adventure in London. All of my books stand alone, so you don’t have to read them in order. You can find out more about all of them here on this website – click on ‘My Books’ at the top of the page.

My books are also available in North America where they are sold with different covers. They are distributed by Simon & Schuster or you can buy them through Amazon.

If you are reading this, you are probably a regular visitor to my blog, so you presumably like the way I write. I make no money out of the blog, so I would really appreciate it if you bought a book – or, given that you must have several friends, several books.

Thank you.

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